Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Philips

Hello families and students! My name is Mrs. Philips and I am the School Counselor and I am excited about getting to know all of the SES Cougars! I believe that all students have the ability to reach their potential through positive relationships. My goal is to help create a space where all students can meet their academic as well as social/emotional potential.

In building a comprehensive school counseling program, SES is using a tiered intervention approach. Tier 1 is support and social/emotional education that reaches all students. This will be in the form of in-class lessons. We are using Kelso's choice curriculum that emphasizes conflict resolution skills and character trait building. In the tier 2 interventions topic based small group support will be provided for students who are facing common challenges (divorce, grief, making friends, anger, anxiety, etc.). Lastly, in Tier 3 interventions, we provide one on one support for students who need individual support. Below is a model of the tiered counseling approach.

Tiered counseling approach

I am also a member of the National American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the state Washington School Counselor Association (WASCA) where I follow professional/industry best practices. I believe that the best school counselors are intentional and use data to build their comprehensive school counseling programs. Below is an image of the ASCA school counselor model that I follow.

ASCA school counselor model

If you or your child would like to meet with me to discuss ways that I can support them here at school please reach out to me by email or phone (360)793-9830 x1341. From time to time I will also be adding short videos for parents to watch that will help you support your child's social/emotional growth and development.

Resources/Videos for Parents:
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child - Dr. John Gottman
The 5 Love Languages of Children (Book by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell)
Parenting through a Crisis
Help on Effectively Using Discipline
Make Dinnertime Count
How Childhood Trauma Affects Health
Mindfulness Exercises for Children - GoNoodle

Books for Children: