Stamp Club

Artwork Paintbrush Scissors And Glue.png

Stamp Camp is a monthly club where students create 5 cards/projects.

It is held on Tuesday and Thursday on the dates listed below.

Please choose either Tuesday or Thursday, as the projects are the same on both days.

The cost is $12.00 per session which covers the cost of all the materials. Please pay in the office prior to Stamp Camp. If paying by check, please make it out to SES ASB.

Stamp Camp is offered to grades K-5.

We look forward to crafting with your child! 

Dates of 2019-2020 Stamp Camp:

September 17th and 19th
October 15th and 17th
November 19th and 21st
December 10th and 12th
January 14th and 16th
February 11th and 13th
March 10th and 12th
April 14th and 16th
May 5th and 7th
June 2nd and 4th