Staff Favorite Things

Want to bring a treat to your favorite Sultan staff member?

Check out their favorite things!

                                      SES 2020/2021     

Name Favorite drink Favorite treat Favorite stores Hobbies
Adelia Franklin Iced coffee with half n half and sugar free syrup Rice Krispy Treats JC penny’s, Old Navy Spending time with family
Allison Trichler Any soda Sweets...cookies, chocolate Lakeshore Learning, Teachers Pay Teachers, Fred Meyer Teaching, hiking, being with my family
Amy Smith Chai Tea Latte, Diet Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate Target, Fred Meyer, Ben Franklin reading, my dog
Annie Philips Vanilla Latte Oreo Cookies Target, Nordstrom Hiking and going to movies
Aubrey Van Orden Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr. Pepper Meat and Cheese Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Lowes Camping, Fishing, Hunting
Charles Knapp Gummy Bears REI Hiking, live music
Christine Hillestad Iced Tea, Cold Brew Coffee with cream Popcorn, dark chocolate, trail mix Target, Amazon Watching sports, reading, hiking, baking, canning
Darline Frazier Unsweetened tea from McDonalds Cheeze-its Fred Meyer, Amazon, Wal Mart Fused Glass, Stain Glass, Cricut
David Pallo Lemonade Chocolate Chip Cookies Fantasy Stories (The Lord of the Rings) Playing Music / Woodworking
Dee Clarke Iced mint mocha Cool Ranch Doritos Lowe's, Ben Franklin and Goodwill Gardening, quilting, memory books and playing with my pets
Jasper Scott-Weis Dr Pepper Sea salt caramel or reeses Fred Meyer, Starbucks, Amazon hiking, gardening, playing guitar, drawing
Jennifer Stablein Black coffee Cookies Target, Fred Meyer Paddle boarding, traveling, reading
Jessica Fleming White Cocolate Americano Anything Chocolate Target, Amazon, Goodwill Coaching & playing Volleyball, traveling, hiking, reading
John Brenning Coffee with honey and cream Tillamook Mud Slide Ice Cream Costco and Fred Meyer, and Amazon Gardening, bee keeping, guitar, kayaking, traveling.
Kathleen Allen Caramel Macchiato Caramel Chocolates Ben Franklin, Barnes and Noble Gardening, Reading, Travel
Kelli Fisher coffee Anything involving sausage, onions, and/or cheese. Amazon, Costco, Trader Joe's Gardening, Reading, Travel
Kelly Flynn Sparkling water-bubly Peanut butter cups and popcorn Michaels, Target, Nordstrom Rack Gardening, Reading, Travel
Kim Gee Lemonade (the squirty kind you add to water), coke, americano w/extra shot and cream chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats Goodwill, Lowes, Ross, Craft stores, anywhere I can get office and school supplies Gardening, Reading, Travel
Laura Broughton Extra caramel sauce latte Plain milk chocolate Amazon, Fred Meyer, Ben Franklin Gardening, Reading, Travel
Lauren Murphy Coffee Peanut M&M's Target, Ben Franklin Gardening, Reading, Travel
Linda Madderra Iced white chocolate mocha Reese’s peanut butter cups or really anything sweet Ben Franklin and Target Gardening, Reading, Travel
Lisa Hettel Iced White Chocolate Mocha Peanut Butter Cups & Doritos Fred Meyer, Barnes & Noble, Red Robin Gardening, Reading, Travel
Mackenzie Farmer Coffee Rice Crispy Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Home Goods, Ben Franklin
Gardening, Reading, Travel
Mary Sifferman sweet tea popcorn Fred Meyer Gardening, Reading, Travel
Matthew Koehler Dt. Mt. Dew, Dt. Pepsi Pepperoni sticks Amazon Gardening, Reading, Travel
Melisa Steppe Diet Pepsi, coffee Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate Kohls, Dicks Sporting goods, Starbucks Gardening, Reading, Travel
Michele Mosca White Chocolate Americano (Or any coffee) Snicke doodles and ice cream Target and Michael's Gardening, Reading, Travel
Michelle Matheson Diet Coke chocolate, chips, Snickers Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer Gardening, Reading, Travel
Rebecca Weide Hot chocolate or tea Chocolate - milk or dark Amazon or Fred's Gardening, Reading, Travel
Sallie Ritzinger Unsweetened Iced Tea Gummy Worms Trader Joes, Fred Meyer Gardening, Reading, Travel
Summer Hudy water Snickers, peanut m&ms, homemade pie Goodwill, Value Village, Costco Gardening, Reading, Travel
Tami McInroy Black Coffee Avocado Target Gardening, Reading, Travel
Teresa Gustafson Sparkling water Dark chocolate Amazon Gardening, Reading, Travel
Teresa Keenan Coffee See's Candy (Peanut Butter Crunch) Ben Franklin, Michaels Gardening, Reading, Travel
Tiffany Norton Coffee (White Chocolate Mocha) Dark chocolate Amazon, Target Gardening, Reading, Travel
Will Watson Chocolate Milk, Root Beer, Rocky Road Float Cabela's Outfitters Gardening, Reading, Travel
William Weide Coffee Sour Patch Kids Amazon Gardening, Reading, Travel