Supply List



Ms. Murphy’s SLC Class

· 4 bottom pocket folders
·2 primary ruled composition notebooks
·1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder
·1 package of binder dividers
·1 box tissues
·1 box Ziploc bags (any size)
·1 box of pre-packaged snack item (to be kept at school and used at snack time)
·1 pair of headphones (to use with iPad and laptops)
·Paper Towels



· 1 box of colored pencils, 12 count
·2 sets of watercolors (Crayola)
·2 large Elmer's purple glue sticks
·1 box of snacks, i.e. pretzel, goldfish, Ritz crackers, graham crackers, etc.
      (nothing with peanut butter please)
·1 packages of unscented baby wipes (no flushable wipes)

Optional and greatly apprectiated
·Gallon or Quart size Ziploc bags
·Paper Towels


2nd Grade

· Headphones - not earbuds
·Pocket folder
·2 black Sharpie markers
·Baby wipes

Community Items:
·2 black wide-rule composition books
·1 Wide-rule spiral notebook




4th Grade

Community Items:
·3 two-pocket folders (solid color)
·3 spiral notebooks (wide rule)
·2 fine or medium point sharpies
·2 large pink erasers
·1 package lined paper (wide rule)
·2 highlighters
·1 set of headphones or earbuds
·1 package colored pencils 24 ct. or
1 package crayons 24 ct.
·1 pencil pouch
·1 planner ($3—please purchase at SES office)
·1 1/2 inch WHITE binder

Optional classroom donation items:
·1 box of facial tissue
·1 package of baby wipes
·Ziploc bags


1st Grade

· 1 two-pocket folder
·1 box of colored pencils, 12 count
·2 boxes of snacks
·1 colored plastic supply box
·1 box of tissue
·1 refill package of baby wipes

Be sure to label your child’s coat, backpack and lunchbox with his/her name.


3rd Grade

Personal Items (label with student’s name)
·2 composition notebooks (black/wide rule)
·1 pair of headphones (not earbuds)
·2 pink erasers
·2 three-prong vellum or plastic folders
·White board eraser (old sock is fine)

Community Items: (Last Name A-G)
·Sandwich size Ziploc brand bags

 Community Items: (Last Name H-Z)
·Small pack of multicolored Expo dry erase markers

·Hard case supply/pencil box
·2 pack of black Sharpie markers


5th Grade

Classroom Supplies:
·Ear buds or headphones
·1 highlighter
·Colored pencils
·Spill proof water bottle
·2 black sharpie markers
·1-2 black flair pens
·1 pkg Super Sticky Post It brand notes
·3 lined composition books
·1 pkg wide rule notebook paper
·3 hole pencil pouch to fit in a binder
·5 dividers
·1 1/2 inch high quality durable binder (needs to survive heavy use all year for AVID)
·1 planner ($3—please purchase at SES office)

Optional items:
·1 roll of scotch tape for a dispenser
·Colored flair pens
·Expo markers
·Felt tip markers
·1 package of white cardstock
·Construction paper
·Baby wipes
·Pocket style dividers (extra for class)
·Adult size scissors